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Name:Alliteration: fic recs
Location:United States of America
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Community description:fanfiction recommendations
This is the catch-all for fic recs and fandom works by [personal profile] a_stigmatism. As a sort of appendage of my Pinboard, this is where I share what fics I'm reading that I feel need to be signal boosted around the fandom.
If you would like to track every fic I read without having a Pinboard membership/going to the Pinboard website, I set up an RSS feed via DW HERE.

Main fandom(s):
BBC's Sherlock
Thor (2011 film 'verse)
The Avengers (2012 film 'verse)

I also delve into the following fandoms:
Sherlock Holmes (canon)
Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie verse)
Norse mythos (with or without Thor tie-ins)
White Collar (USA)
Suits (USA)

If you're looking for a specific type of fic or kink, feel free to drop me a message via DW or on twitter at onapedalstool. I'll be happy to shoot some recs your way!

Idea shamelessly stolen from my good friend [personal profile] thecardboardbox. Please visit her journal for more (and probably many repeat) recommendations!

Looking for fanmixes and/or icons?
See my communities on Livejournal: illphantasm (fanmixes from various fandoms) and fiendunderpin (icons, bases, gifs)
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